DC-DC Converters

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The common requirement for DC/DC converters is in converting a battery voltage into another more useful and well-regulated voltage. A typical battery voltage may be 12, 24 or 48V DC, but the output voltage of the battery can vary over a wide range during loading or charging.

In such an application for an electronic system, the DC/DC converter is required to accept this wide input voltage range and produce a stable output voltage to run the electronic system.

All models feature reverse polarity protection, thermal protection and many have isolated inputs and outputs.

Models with the 'T' code have transorb protection allowing for transient voltages of up to 150V. This supression may be useful in applications such as fork-lift trucks.

The output voltages shown below are nominal and can be varied to suit your needs (ie the 24V models may be adjusted to any voltage over the range 20 - 29V). Please contact us or fill in the online enquiry form for more information.

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