Sealed Lead Acid Battery Terminal Connector Guide

The column headed T on the tables below indicates the connector on each battery. Where two or more letters are given, the first letter is the standard connector however that model may also be supplied with connectors defined by the subsequent letters.

A = 187 Faston 0.8mm quick disconnect tabs
B = 187 Faston 0.5mm thick tabs
C = Pressure contacts
D = 250 Faston 0.8mm quick disconnect tabs
E = Bolt fastened terminal
F = Bolt fastened terminal
G = Bolt fastened terminal
I = JST No. VHR-2N
J = M5 threaded terminal
K = M6 threaded terminal
L = M5 threaded terminal
M = Insulated, stranded wire leads terminated with your choice of plug
N = Spring terminals
O = M8 threaded terminal
P = Polarised (+ve type A, -ve type B)
Q = Heavy-duty pole with 6mm hole
R = Heavy-duty pole with 7.6mm hole

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