Walk-through Metal Detectors

Detectors have been approved by both European and US government agencies following the most detailed and stringent tests. Objects can be detected in the armpit, within water and other substances and in the mouth. The more sensitive units have been installed in special hospitals.

The highest level of security is maintained with the minimum of stops. This is achieved through very high discrimination which means that the cummulative agreed mass of metal on a person is always detected and slightly smaller cummulative mass does not cause an alarm.

In the UK the models which have been approved are listed below -

Part Number Approval and Application
02PN10 Airport approved:
Very low stop rate for a given sensitivity - achieved by very high discrimination
02PN8 Airport approved
SMD600-MZ Enhanced version of the SMD600
SMD600 Prisons approved
PMD2-Elliptic Elliptical columns, easily portable: ideal for ports, mobile police application and armed forces
(Water-proof model to IP55 available)
PMD2-Panels Multi-zone detection for sensitive areas
MSD1 Very high sensitivity for precious metals etc.
CLASSIC Entry level unit for industry and entertainment


Transit counting
Photocells can be provided to count the numbers of people passing through the metal detector and are not affected by those who are sent back for rescreening. This facility is particularly useful in gauging the numbers passing into a building and also in providing a statistical analysis of the number of alarms and the percentage of alarms. The photocells cannot be retrofitted and must be ordered with new equipment.

Unit connected to the detecor by means of a serial link. It allows programming and monitoring of settings to be carried out remotely.

Management software to connect up to 20, 50, 100 or 210 metal detectors in network.

External Main Battery Supply Unit, including two 12 VDC emergency batteries and a charger.

Software for "oscilloscope" simulation and computer terminal operation for metal detectors which shows a graphical illustration of objects passing through the metal detector.

Instructions and samples required for the FAA 3-GUN-TEST standard.

Instructions and samples required for the NILECJ-STD-0601-00 standard.

Pre-programmed chip-cards for a direct selection of security levels according to International Standards.

Purchase / Rental

We can arrange for units to be purchased outright or to be rented for an agreed period and then purchased for a nominal sum.


Walk-through metal detectors are extremely reliable and are capable of self-diagnosis. We offer a checking process which ensures that the agreed national or international standard is adhered to and a report is given accordingly. Numbered test pieces can be supplied to ensure that correct tests are carried out in accordance with the national standards


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