L140 Portable Forensic Torches

Using the light projection system there is no light spillage outside the target area. Inside the target area the illumination is perfectly even.

The torch can easily be configured for three different focal lengths:

Standard lens provides a range of 2m - 20m
Wide angle provides a range of 1m - 10m
Narrow angle provides a range of up to 50m

The maintenance-free hermetically sealed lead-acid battery, opperable in any position will provide light for two and a half hours.

Using integrated charging electronics it is possible to recharge the lamp using any external unregulated AC or DC source from 12 - 24V.

The innovative design allows a wide range of positions for angling the lamp to suit you. An optional internal tripod adapter is available.

Technical Data

Light Source
Halogen micro-projection lamp 6V/30W
Light Output: 450 Lumen

Optical system
Two stage aspheric condenser.
Wide angle lens: f 50 mm
Standard lens: f 70 mm
Narrow angle lens: f 125 mm

Illuminated area
Wide angle: Area diameter = distance : 1.5
Standard: Area diameter = distance : 2.5
Narrow angle: Area diameter = distance : 5

Dimensions and weight
Length: 203 mm
Width: 120 mm
Height: 220 mm
Weight: 3.15 kg

Rechargeable secondary battery of the lead-acid type, 6V / 10Ah (Weight: 1.95 kg)
Life expectancy: up to 3-5 years (depending upon use)

Battery Charging
Supplied with 12V / 1A AC power supply with UK or EURO plug model 9780-12.
In vehicle charging adapter with cigar or other connector available.

Power Supply
The lamp can be modified to run for long periods on a dedicated power supply and the battery can then either be retained or removed to reduce weight.

Shoulder Strap an adjustable, padded shoulder strap is available which fixes at two points to the handle.

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