Standby Power Manager

Designed to a very tight specification with charge current control related to temperature, which maximises the battery life and capacity.

The equipment load has priority over charging in case of temporary high demand.

Charge current is monitored and limited and the charge voltage is multistaged to rapidly charge the battery to full capacity while preventing overcharge.

There is a range of four different charging currents for different capacity batteries which can be set locally using PCB links.

Battery failure (even short circuit) will not prevent the main supply from operating the load. This is required where equipment may be operated remotely for long periods and maintenance is poor or absent.

A battery may be replaced with a temporary substitute (car battery) and is not susceptible to wiring errors such as reversed battery.

An LED indicates if the unit is on mains or standby battery.

Temperature range exceeds -5C to +45C.

Economic and compact design ideal for around the world distribution.

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