Custom Designs

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then PDL offers solutions. We have shown below a cross section of the designs which have recently been completed and we are capable of changing these to meet your requirements or initiating new products at moderate cost.

Battery and load managing systems are available which can provide alarms, capacity indicators and can be programmed to meet customers specific voltage and current requirements.

Customers concepts can be project managed from concept to production.
Customers are kept fully informed of progress and appropriate decisions.
We can undertake:

  • Project Feasibility
  • Product Costing
  • Prototype Design
  • Pre-Conformance testing
  • Production of completed product

Battery Voltage Indicator

Featuring a three colour LED showing:

  1. Green for full
  2. Yellow for low
  3. Red for re-charge

The unit is powered from the battery it monitors (5-10mA for LED)
Suitable for nominal battery voltages of 6 to 24 volts

Battery Voltage Meter

Bright 2 LED display * (red or green available)
Microprocessor controlled
Auto ranging display
Resolution to -

  • 0.1 volt on 3.0-9.9 v range
  • 1.0 volt on 10 - 25 v range

Powered from the battery being monitored (60 mA for LED display **)
*3-digit version available with 0.1 volt resolution from 3–25 v range
** Can be ordered as “display 1x minute” option to reduce power consumption

Power Failure Alarm

Monitors current supplied from 50mA to 10 Amps
Very small volt drop from sensing resistor (Max of 0.1v @ 10 Amps)
Alarm output can be make, break or changeover contact
Alarm activation approx 10mS after failure.
Typical Uses -

  • Primary use in detecting a mains supply or circuit failure
  • Can be used to detect from a full charge down to a trickle charge in float battery systems
  • Monitors standby current to full load current in transmitters
  • Ideal for remote monitoring of telecom transmitter sites, laboratory experiments, power fail monitoring & logging

Standby Power Manager

This unit manages the power to a load and the charge to a lead acid battery being used as a standby supply for telecomm equipment.

Future Projects

There are a range of exciting new designs in development at the moment. These include -

  • Battery Capacity & Load demand Meter
  • Electronic Load
  • Radio Telemetry for short range applications

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