NiCad / NiMH Cell Chargers

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4 way Single Cell Charger

Provides a constant current charge for 1-4, NiCad or NiMH, AAA or AA cells and a single 9V E-block.

A charging indicator is built-in.

The unit measures 120 x 70 x 80 mm and weighs 250 g.

5 way Single Cell Charger

Automatic fast charger with discharge function forNiCad andNiMH batteries.

Desktop charger for 1-4 cells AAA(UM 4), AA (UM 3), C (UM 2),D (UM 1) and a 9V E-Block(7.2-9.6 V)

  • Slide switch for NiCad / NiMH
  • Charging indicator for cylindricalcells and the 9V E-block
  • Discharge button and dischargingindicator for cylindrical cells
  • Trickle charging for cylindricalcells

The unit measures 230 x 106 x 60 mm and weighs 1020 g.

6 way Single Cell Charger

Microcontroller supervised ultraquick charger for NiCad and NiMH battries

Desktop for 1-6 cells AAA (UM 4)and AA (UM 3)

  • Ultrarapid charging
  • Voltage gradient disconnection
  • Faulty cell detection
  • Individual supervision of everycharging box
  • Possibility of discharging
  • Charging indicator percharging box

The unit measures 168 x 70 x 43 mm and weighs 290 g.

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