NiCad / NiMH Pack Chargers

The choice of charger is primarily dependant on the charge time required. The specification of the cells within the pack are a major consideration and it is important to establish the following:

  • Maximum charge current permitted
  • Maximum continuous charge current permitted
  • Any dV current requirements

Other considerations include operating temperature and the effect of the charge current and temperature on any fitted safety devices.

Charger designs range from simple resistor limited products to electronically controlled constant current chargers, to chargers with timers and temperature monitors to dV chargers. Most require two wire connection, but, four wires are usually required if pack cell temperature is to be monitored.

We are at you disposal to assist in the choice of charger, suitable connectors and to interpret battery cell specification. 

Charger CI (fully automatic)

The range includes dV chargers, timer with thermistor controlled chargers and electronically current limited models. All are fully smoothed and regulated to power supply quality.

The output current available is dependent upon the number of cells to be charged and the speed of charge required. You are invited to provide an outline or detailed requirement, including connector types. Please contact us or fill in the online enquiry form for more information.

Model Cells Max Current / A

Multiway Chargers

The six way base can accept between one and six chargers or a mixture of PSU's, equipment plugs and chargers. A lockable steel strap retains the chargers across all six positions.

The base can be wall or desk mounted and fitted with either a UK 13A plug or a euro mains plug.  Standard (see here) or output connectors of your choice can be supplied.

This system can be fitted with 6, 12 or 12V SLA chargers, NiCad or NiMH CC or dV chargers or PSU's up to about 45W per unit.

The five ways enclosed charger is designed for desktop use and can operate from either 115, 220 or 230V 50/60Hz. Mains cables are available for your market. Modules are fitted to customer requirements similear to the six-way unit, but, with less power available. In place of the dV charger above, an automatic charger with timer and thermister protection is available.

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