Portable Power Packs

Of these rechargeable powerpacks, nearly every model can be customized and there are many variations, for instance voltage regulators are available to provide lower or higher voltages than the battery terminal voltage. Timing circuits that deliver power for a predetermined period are also available. Battery condition monitors have been developed which range from simple battery voltage tri-state LED indicators to battery consumption indicators, indicating Amp-hours in and out of the battery.

As an alternative to SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) the battery packs below can be fitted with NiCAD (Nickel Cadmium) or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells which are lighter and may be charged rapidly, however, cost is greater than for SLA. For details look in the custom section.

Chargers are also available (click here for SLA or here for NiCad / NiMH) for all the battery packs shown and specific needs can be met either by constant voltage charger / PSU or by multi-step rapid chargers.

NB All SLA battery capacities are at the 20 hour rate and approximate weight is given in Kilograms.
For high discharge option - see Yuasa SW sealed lead acid series.

Leather Style Powerpacks

Stylish cases for rechargeable batteries with connectors to suit you.

Model V Ah L W H Weight
LS PP068068.00801102001.90
LS PP1223122.3040802201.10
LS PP1240124.00801021551.95
LS PP1270 *127.00801102003.00

Shock Resistant Aluminium Powerpacks

Ultra-durable welded aluminium cases can customized with any connector and many battery sizes. Some of the more common configurations are listed below:

Model V Ah L W H Weight
ALI PP1270127.00175801453.30
ALI PP12120 *1212.001751151454.75
ALI PP12170 *1217.00205902257.00
ALI PP122401224.0019518019010.00
ALI PP241702417.0019516523015.00

Waterproof Power Pack

Strong steel case with sealed joints and carrying handle complete with gland, three pin XLR or other connector to accomodate 12V, 27Ah or 12V, 35Ah SLA battery.

This unit is designed to operate outside in difficult conditions (not submerged) and to be recharged in a base workshop via its connector.

Cases for other batteries are available as are alternative colours.

Batteries with Carrying Harness

Larger batteries can be fitted with carrying harnesses and for safety insulated terminals, fuses and power/charging sockets are standard. For 24V two 12V batteries can be connected in series via a connection box using the XLR system.

Model V Ah L W H Weight

Tough Plastic Powerpacks

Rugged plastic cases with in-built handle and carrying strap into which different batteries can be fitted. A variety of connectors is available including cigar and XLR.

Model V Ah L W H Weight
PP1270 *127.00752452153.15

Belt Worn Powerpacks

These beltpacks provide the most convenient and comfortable mobile NiCad / NiMH power solution.

The leather style powerpacks can be provided with belt loops.

Model V Ah L W H Weight
ABBW77122.30 - 4.00381231801.75
EEBWPP124.50 - 9.00481482151.75
ABBW88122.30 - 9.00751231801.90

Tough Plastic Powerpacks - Belt or carry

Many other cases are available into which your equipment and/or SLA NiCad or NiMH can be configured with voltages and capacities to suit your requirements.

Overall dimensions: 228 x 190 x 47

Large Belt Powerpacks

Body or belt worn powerpacks and equipment carriers are configured to your individual requirements with SLA/NiCad/NiMH batteries. Suitable chargers are also supplied.

Fully adjustable belts cater for a range of personal sizes and enable equipment to be close fitting or worn over clothing. The model illustrated has 3 interlinked pouches, one of which is ventilated on bottom and front to accommodate a lamp driver with internal fan.

Pocket Power Supply

This pocket portable power pack uses high energy 4.8V 4Ah NiMh technology to provide via an up-converter a voltage set to your choice between 6-28V output.

Ideal for scientific intruments, noise cancelling headphones and many other applications.

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