Connector Guide

Chargers and power supplies can be supplied with a variety of connectors to suit your device's needs. When ordering please specify the connector of your choice or ask for our advice.

The following abbreviations are used to represent plug dimensions -

L: Metal barrel length
Dy: Barrel diameter
Di: Diameter of any socket in the barrel
Dp: Diameter of any pin within the barrel

Standard Connectors

Picture Model Dimensions
3635 L: 9.0 mm Dy: 3.8 mm Di: 1.3 mm
3626 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 1.97 mm
3630 L: 12.0 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 2.1 mm
3618 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 2.45 mm
3617 L: 12.0 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 2.5 mm
3627 L: 14.0 mm Dy1: 5.0 mm Dy2: 6.2 mm Di: 1.95mm
3620 L: 11.5 mm Dy: 2.5 mm
3615 L: 14.5 mm Dy: 3.5 mm
3639 L: 14.0 mm Dy1: 6.2 mm Dy2: 5.0 mm Di: 2.0 mm

Snap-Lock connectors

The snap-lock connectors prodvide a quick and easy method of changing plugs using a generic lead. The snap-lock can be sealed and locked in place with heatshrink on request.

Picture Model Dimensions
3630 L: 12 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 2.1 mm
3617 L: 12.0 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 2.5 mm
3635 L: 9 mm Dy: 3.8 mm Di: 1.35 mm
3627 L: 14.0 mm Dy: 5.0 mm Di: 1.95 mm
3615 L: 14.5 mm Dy: 3.5 mm
3620 L: 11.5 mm Dy: 2.5 mm
EIAJ RC5320A Plugs (Japanese Standard with yellow tip rated at 2A)
53201 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 2.35 mm Di: 0.7 mm
Class I (0V - 3.15V)
53202 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 4.0 mm Di: 1.7 mm
Class II (3.15V - 6.3V)
53203 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 4.75 mm Di: 1.7 mm
Class III (6.3V - 10.5V)
53204 L: 9.5 mm Dy: 5.5 mm Di: 3.3 mm Dp: 1.0 mm
Class IV (10.5V - 13.5V)


Other connectors

The XLR Plug and Socket is an ideal rugged and reliable choice where batteries need to be frequently plugged-in and unplugged. The IP65 rating of the mated connectors is beneficial in wet conditions.

The standard 3-pin XLR can handle currents of up to 16A whilst others with up to 7 pins can handle lower currents.

The self-locking mechanism ensures that a secure connection will be made whilst the female socket connected to the battery and the male plug prevents accidental short-circuiting of the battery.

The Cigar Plug and Socket, similar to that in your car, prodvides a robust, high current handling (16A) solution.

The latest design of plug features cable strain reduction and the improved socket has a larger area of smooth barrel to enable a better connection.

The standard Golf-Cart Connector also of the powerpole variety can be attached to NP17-12 and NP24-12 to provide an easy replacement for worn out cyclic batteries.

This 50A Powerpole Connector is used where much higher currents need to be carried safely.
Reverse polartiy protection is inherent in the non-reversible design.

Precise current and voltage rating of connectors in relation to temperature, humidity and other factors is available as part of our engineering support.

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