Pulsar Developments stock and distribute an extensive range of Blueline battery chargers which combine cutting-edge design, efficiency, and green energy standards to create an intelligent range of battery chargers serving all major battery chemistries. A key feature of the range is it has universal input voltage, enabling the chargers to be used in applications world-wide.

The Blueline series is designed to charge Lead acid, Li-Ion, LiFePo4 and NimH rechargeable batteries, and is compliant with the latest medical IEC60601-1 safety & EMC requirements, as well as US Level VI DoE and CoC Tier 2 energy efficiency standards.

For added flexibility, many of the battery chargers in the range are designed to accept interchangeable AC plug heads and DC snap-lock connectors which increase flexibility and reduce inventory.

For further information on features that can be modified please contact our Technical team or call us on 01189 795319 or fill in our online form

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