3540LiFePO4 9 Cell/9A 3 step Battery Charger

PDL Code
£295.78 £246.48

Blueline 3 step LiFePO4 desk top charger for charging 4 Cells

Blueline 3 step LiFePO4 desk top charger for charging 9 Cells, with current detection as charge termination and a maximum charge current of 9A. The charger has a wake up and low current function for charging deeply discharged batteries. Protection includes reverse polarity, wrong voltage cell pack and a safety timer to prevent over charging.Fitted with an EU Fixed mains lead and an unterminated output cable.Also Includes the 205800 mounting bracket

Product Specification
Model 3540LiFe
Manufacturer Mascot
PDL Model Code PDL13540320000
MPN 3540320000
Chemistry LiFePO4
Case Style Desktop
Voltage 32.85V
Number of cells 9
Cells/Charge Current 9 Cell/9A
Input Voltage 198-264V AC 47-50Hz
Charge Current 9A
Charge Voltage 32.85V
Medical Approval Number EN60601-1 ed3.1
UL Approval Number UL60601
Input Connection Fixed EURO plug mains lead
Weight 1400g
Datasheet https://www.mascot.no/media/2169/3540lifepo4.pdf
Certificate of Conformity https://www.mascot.no/media/2172/doc-2020_06.pdf