Mascot 2515 10-20 Cell/900mA Programmable NiMH/NiCD Battery Charger

PDL Code
£76.42 £63.68
A desk-top DC/DC NiMH/NiCd charger, maximum power 32W, with programmable features including Safety Timer, dV threshold, temperature gradient adjustments for dT/dt charge detection, has an input voltage range of 10-30VDC, a dV disable feature if sudden voltage changes are sensed and an LED to indicate state of charge.
Product Specification
Model 2515NiMH
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL12515205000
MPN 2515205000
Chemistry NiMH/NiCd
Case Style Desktop
Voltage 41V
Number of cells 10-20 Cell
Input Voltage 10-30VDC
Charge Current 900mA
IP67 On Request
Input Connection Unterminated Cable
Weight 250g
Certificate of Conformity