Mascot 9783 12V DC, 6W AC/DC Linear plug-in power supply with EU Plug

PDL Code
£18.60 £15.50
A 6W plug in AC/DC regulated linear power supply, with thermal protection in both the transformer and regulator and a current limiter in the regulator. Exchangeable snap-lock connector on the output for added flexibility.
Product Specification
Model 9783
Type Linear
Manufacturer Mascot
PDL Model Code PDL19783120500
MPN 9783120500
Case Style Plug-in
Regulated Output Regulated
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Current 0.5A
Maximum Power 6W
Input Voltage 230V AC +/- 10% 50Hz
Input Connection Fixed EU plug
Complies with Medical Standard EN60601
Weight 430g
Certificate of Conformity