Mascot 8862 81W 12V/13.5V Switch mode DC/DC converter with electrical separation and Regulated output

PDL Code
£113.24 £94.37
A Switch mode DC/DC converter with a regulated output, the input electrically separated from the output and Maximum power of 81W with protection including reverse Voltage, overvoltage, short circuit and thermal protection. The converter switches off at voltages over or under the specified range. The converter is CE and E marked.
Product Specification
Model 8862
Type Switch Mode
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL18862121200
MPN 8862121200
Maximum Power 81W
Input Voltage 10-16 VDC
Continuous Load Current 3A
Output Voltage 13.2V DC
Regulated Output Regulated
Electrical Separation Yes
Input Terminals 6.3mm Push on
Output Terminals 6.3mm Push on
Weight 600g
CE & E Marked CE and E Marked
Declaration of Conformity