Mascot 9840 24V/2.5A 3-Step SLA Battery Charger with timer, fixed EU mains lead

PDL Code
£209.83 £174.86
A 3-step desk top lead acid battery charger with a timer for charge termination set at 2 hours as standard, the charge current not affected by fluctuations in input voltage, protection against reverse polarity and an LED to indicate charge status with a fixed mains cord.
Product Specification
Model 9840LA
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL19840240000
MPN 9840240000
Chemistry Lead Acid
Case Style Desktop
Battery Voltage 24V
Input Voltage 190-264 VAC 47-63Hz
Charge Current 2.5A
Complies with Medical Standard EN60601-1 3ed
Input Connection Fixed Mains cord with EU plug
Weight 1.27kg
Certificate of Conformity