Mascot 2420 5V DC, 27W AC/DC Switch Mode power supply with 2 pin IEC socket

PDL Code
£115.85 £96.54
A desktop 70W AC/DC switch mode power supply with a universal input voltage(90-264VAC), Eco design (ERP-directive) compliant, the power supply is Medically and UL approved including Home Healthcare EN60601-1-11, the input connection is via a 2 pin IEC socket and the out put connection is the snap-lock connector for added flexibility.
Product Specification
Model 2420
Type Switch Mode
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL12420055000
MPN 2420055000
Case Style Desktop
Regulated Output Regulated
Output Voltage 5V DC
Output Current 4.5A
Maximum Power 27W
Input Voltage 90-264V AC 50/60Hz
Input Connection 2 pin IEC Socket
Medical Approval Number EN60601-1 3.1ed
UL Approval Number UL60601
Weight 390g
Certificate of Conformity
IP67 On Request