Mascot 2544 Li-Ion 6 Cell / 1.4A 3-Step Battery Charger

PDL Code
£71.86 £59.88
A 3 step DC/DC Desk top Li-Ion Battery Charger for charging 1 to 8 cells, maximum charge Current 3A and an input voltage of 10-30VDC and with current detection as charge termination, and an LED to indicate state of charge. Protected against reverse polarity and short circuit.
Product Specification
Model 2544LI
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL12544255000
MPN 2544255000
Chemistry Li-ion
Case Style Desktop
Number of cells 6
Cells/Charge Current 6 Cell/1.4A
Input Voltage 10-30VDC
Charge Current 1.4A
Charge Voltage 25.2V
Maximum Power 35W
IP67 On Request
Input Connection Unterminated cable with 5A fuse
Weight 250g
Certificate of Conformity