Mascot 8311 6V DC, 2.5W AC/DC Linear power supply

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This Product may only be used in applications exempt from EU Directive 2009/125/EC and Regulation 2019/1782 and the UK Regulation for Ecodesign.

A 2.5W plug in AC/DC linear power supply, with a fixed output voltage and thermal protection in the transformer and with snap-lock DC connectors on the output for added flexibility.

Product Specification
Model 8311
Type Linear
Manufacturer Mascot
Product Code PDL18311605000
MPN 8311605000
Case Style Plug-in
Regulated Output Unregulated
Output Voltage 6V DC
Output Current 0.4A
Maximum Power 2.5W
Input Voltage 230V AC +6/-10%, 50/60Hz
Input Connection Fixed EU plug
Complies with Medical Standard EN60601
Weight 220g
Certificate of Conformity