About us

Pulsar Developments is a leading supplier of quality battery chargers and power-supply solutions in the UK & Ireland, and an authorised distributor and partner to world-leading manufactures, including Mascot. [link to about Mascot if including text]


With over 45 years of engineering experience, Pulsar Developments has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading providers of reliable and durable battery chargers and power-supply solutions for use in many different commercial environments and applications.


Pulsar Developments offers unparalleled in-house customer service & technical expertise

As a responsive, customer service-led business, Pulsar Developments:

  • Always seeks to understand the usage, environment and application of the battery charger and power supply in order to make the right recommendations to its customers.    
  • Is committed to offering an unrivalled choice of competitively priced off-the-shelf battery chargers and power supplies
  • Offers innovative, customised plug-and-play solutions to match their customers’ exact specifications, environment and regulatory requirements. 


Listing an extensive range of over 900 power supplies and battery chargers
Through its online offering, PulsarDevelopments.com, Pulsar Developments lists an extensive range of medically certified and UL-approved power supplies for immediate shipment.   This includes over 900 power-supply units, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and battery chargers, serving all major technologies and chemistries including:  Lead Acid; Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH); Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), and LiFePO4 for rechargeable lithium batteries. 


The go-to trusted supplier for customised battery-charger solutions, that meet customers’ needs

Pulsar Developments’ highly experienced technical staff and engineers support a broad range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), engineering maintenance servicing (EMS) firms, and procurement heads in almost every sector, creating customised power-supply and battery-charger solutions built to the customers’ exact specifications.  They always consider the environment, application and use of the battery charger or power supply, whether for medical, safety & security, industry, automotive or even robotics. Pulsars’ engineers then draw on a broad range of solutions in order to ensure that every unit is configured for the right use, has the right certifications, and fully meets the required specification – whether that means adapting a standard product or customising a design at the point of manufacture.    

Pulsar Developments’ technical support services include:

  • An experienced team of technical staff 
  • Dedicated technical support phone line
  • Competitively priced sampling
  • Accessories to support all 

For more information about any of Pulsar Developments product ranges email please contact customer support:  enquiries@pulsardevelopments.com, telephone: 01628 474324