Mascot’s new Blueline range combines cutting-edge design, efficiency and green energy standards to create intelligent power supplies and battery chargers serving Lead acid and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.

The Blueline series is compliant with the latest medical IEC60601-1 safety & EMC requirements as well as US Level VI DoE and CoC Tier 2 energy efficiency standards. Its all-new sleek design incorporates the smart and versatile features of exchangeable plugs and universal input for applications all around the world. 

As with all Mascot products, only high quality parts and components are used, ideal for mission critical applications where failure is not an option.  The battery chargers have been designed to match the operational life of the operational life of Li-Ion, or the Lead-acid rechargeable battery it is charging.

Over a five-year period, investment in a fully recyclable Li-Ion battery and charger (broadly 500 recharging cycles compared to the relatively short life of a non-rechargeable alkaline cell) delivers a cost-benefit ratio of 1:10. In other words, every £1 invested in a Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides a £10 return over its lifetime compared to alkaline cells. As well as the financial benefits, rechargeable batteries also have far less impact on the environment due to reduced waste.

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