At Pulsar Developments we always consider the application and environment for every battery charger and power supply that is ordered.

Whilst we have a broad portfolio of battery chargers and power solutions that are designed for a wide variety of applications, they may not always meet your exact requirements. For example, they might not be fitted with suitable output connectors, AC heads and mains leads, or configured for the required use.

With an experienced technical team, Pulsar Developments collaborate directly with OEM’s, EMS and procurement heads in almost every sector.  Thanks to our knowledge of technology, manufacturing and international standards, we create plug-and-play battery chargers and power supplies that meet the specification you require in your application.


At Pulsar Developments we use only high-performance parts and components

As an approved partner to many world-leading manufacturers, including Mascot, we use only high-performance parts and components to deliver robust, reliable, and highly efficient battery-charger and power-supply solutions. As such, all modified and off-the-shelf units are engineered to last the life of the battery it is charging or the equipment the power supply it is powering, whilst meeting worldwide safety standards, UL requirements and medical certifications.


These modifications may include:

Customising charge Parameters

Reconfiguring and modifying parameters of the charger to suit the specified voltage and current requirements of the battery or cell pack: 

  • Charge voltage
  • Charge current
  • Float voltage
  • Charge termination current

Configuring NiMH Chargers

Reconfiguring charge parameters of a Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery charger to meet the specific cell requirements, thus ensuring the battery is fully charged without damaging over charging.

To ensure the charge parameters meet the battery specifications, the programmable parameters include:

  • dT/dt temperature rise gradient
  • -dV sensitivity
  • Start timer and override safety timer

Snap-lock connectors

Fitting and securing a variety of snap-lock connectors.

Fitting specific output connectors 

Pulsar Developments is experienced in fitting a wide range of output connectors including: cigar-plug, Binder, Anderson, XLR, cigar-plug, and many others.  Once the connector required and the polarity is established, the output connector is then fitted to the product. All products are 100% tested before shipment to ensure connectivity and Polarity.

Mains lead and AC plug heads

Supplying either the AC plug head or mains lead - 2-pin IEC or 3-pin IEC - with a suitable AC plug for the intended country or region of use: UK, Europe, Australia, USA, South Africa.

Bundled solutions 

Packing the product in a carton complete with all the accessories required to enable easy forward shipment to the end customer.

Warranty, design Life spans & approvals

Pulsar Developments customise and modify battery chargers and power supplies using only quality products.  As an authorised distributor and the partner of global manufacturers, including Mascot, all modified and off-the-shelf units are engineered to last as long as the battery or power supply it is charging, while meeting worldwide safety standards, UL requirements and medical certifications.

All products supplied through Pulsar Developments come with a 12-month warranty.

Bespoke power solution design

Working with the manufacturer’s design engineers, Pulsar Developments can make the following customisations:

  • Redesigning the housing to provide open frame solutions
  • Ruggedizing and waterproofing the unit to IP67
  • Customising the charging regime of the battery charger to suit the battery or cell pack being charged.
  • Fitting custom mains leads on products with a fixed mains lead to suit the destination country. 
  • Modifying the charge parameters of non-programmable chargers where no suitable standard charger is available.
  • Fitting and moulding snap-lock connectors to the correct polarity and securing them in place to prevent unauthorised removal.
  • Fitting other output connectors and lead to suit the connector fitted to the equipment being powered or charged.  

Pulsar also supply batteries - providing a total power solution

Pulsar Developments can source and supply a wide range of lead acid, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries or cell packs. Please contact Pulsar Developments directly for more information on custom made battery packs

  • Battery assemblies including leads – plug and play battery solutions to suit, all chemistries available, low volumes, fully tested
  • Customised battery chargers – specific output connector, chargers for all chemistries, customised charge parameters, durable & highly reliable products