Bespoke Mascot 2221 9V DC, 10.8W Switch mode power supply designed to charge Topcon equipment

Mascot 2221 9V DC, 10.8W Switch mode power supply designed to charge Topcon equipment with LED indications to confirm when the battery is fully charged. Supplied with the EU AC Plug head as standard and a 100-240V AC input voltage with the output connector to suit the Topcon products.

The Mascot PDL12221000040 power supply is designed to charge the Topcon RL-SVS2 and RL-H5A laser levels and has a number of significant advantages over the standard power supply provided with the Laser levels.

The advantages include:

  • A Red LED indication that the power supply is connected to mains electricity , is working and the product is charging
  • The LED indicator chages to green when the charger urrent is less than 100mA signaling that the battery is fully charged
  • Exchangeable AC plug heads making the one charger suitable for use in a number of countries just by changing the plug head 
  • Can also be used by plugging in a 2 pin IEC mains cord for added flexibility
  • Is a reliable way to charge the Top-Con RL-SVS2 and RL-H5A products with 1000s is service all over the world
  • The power suply is enclosed in a rugged , impact resitant plastic case for added protection

The LED indications are designed to ensure that the Laser level is fully charged before taking it to site and finding that the batteries are either not charged or not fully charged thus reducing the time the laser lavel can be used.



Model: 2221000040
Type: Switch Mode
Manufacturer: Mascot
PDL Model Code: PDL12221000040
MPN: 2221000040
Case Style: Plug-in
Regulated Output: Regulated
Output Current: 1.2A
Output Voltage: 9V DC
Maximum Power: 10.8W
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
Input Connection: AC Plug head / 2 pin IEC Socket
Weight: 115g


Mascot TOPCON Power Supply Mascot TOPCON Power Supply

topcon laser level laser level 2






UK Plug head US Plug head EU plug AU plug head

AC Plug Head UK


AC Plug Head US


AC Plug Head EU


AC Plug Head AU





UK 2 pin EU 2 pin US 2 pin SA 2 pin SA 2 pin

2-Pin IEC Mains Lead UK


2-Pin IEC Mains Lead EU


2-Pin IEC Mains Lead US


2-Pin IEC Mains Lead AU


2-Pin IEC Mains Lead SA